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Garage doors and their associated parts usually last a long time, but after a while, they can and will become defective and they’ll either need to either be repaired or replaced.  As much as we would like to have things last forever, they don’t, and that’s when Local Garage Door Repair Miami Beach can step in; we’ll assess the problem or problems, and based on your specific direction, fix them.

Local Garage Door Repair Miami Beach doesn’t limit itself to the types of doors we work on; we can repair any type of garage door for either residential or commercial use.  Sectional doors… one-piece doors… rolling sheet doors… rolling steel doors… we do them all!

Some of the common problems that are associated with garage doors include:

  • Faulty transmitters
  • The tracks are out of alignment
  • Broken Springs or cables
  • An object obstructing the door’s path
  • Incorrect garage door limit settings
  • Defective remote controls
  • Dents in sectional doors caused by cars or other objects
  • Worn out weather stripping

Turning the disconnect switch to the “on” position can also have an impact on the garage door’s operation.  The photo eye might also be out of alignment. Regardless of the issue, Local Garage Door Repair Miami Beach is here to help you!

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Fixing your garage door is something better left to the professionals. When you try to fix the issues on your own with limited understanding about the way garage doors work, you may unknowingly miss some steps or underlying issues, which may cost you more money in the long run.  Not having the right tools can also undermine your success.

Avoiding garage door issues is also not a good idea. Did you know that between 20,000 and 30,000 people have to go to the Emergency Room every year because of garage door related injuries?  These injuries can result from fingers being pinched and crushed between the springs, garage doors malfunctioning and falling on a car with the driver inside, or even worse, falling on someone who’s right below the door!  The force of a heavy door can crush a child. As we all know, ignoring problems can never end well, so why would you want to put yourself in that position?

We also know that your time is at a premium, and so we will do our best to repair your garage door as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We believe in good word of mouth! We want you to be happy with the work you do so that you will feel confident in telling those around you about our services.

Don’t put off taking care of your garage door issues any longer!  Contact the professionals with Local Garage Door Repair Miami Beach at 305-501-4634 today!

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